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In 1972, the Civic Center Authority was created. Many thought the Civic Center was going to include a Performing Arts Center. Unforturnately, that did not happen. And, over the past 30 years, a Performing Arts Center has been the highest cultural priority identified by citizens in city surveys. In 1993, a referendum (without a public information campaign) to support an arts center failed by just under 500 votes.

City and County Commissions Appointed a committee to develop a Cultural Plan for the community

As part of the Cultural Plan Advisory committee, a facilities committee studied all the facilities in the region and recommended a Performing Arts Center Committee be appointed.

City and County Commissions appointed Performing Arts Center Committee

June - Downtown CRA Interlocal Agreement calls for imposition of the 4th cent of tourist tax for the sole purpose of supporting the Performing Arts Center

October - 4th cent of Tourist Tax imposed November - Funds authorized for hiring of Theatre Projects Consultants.

December - County Commission directs staff to work with City and Performing Arts Center Committee to evaluate sites for the Performing Arts Center and review funding options to support the overall construction of the facility.

1) A two venue Performing Arts Center was recommended to best serve this community

2) Johns Building site unanimously recommended for the Performing Arts Center

April - City Commission reserves Johns Building site accepted for Performing Arts Center June - County Commission accepts Johns Building site for the Performing Arts Center July - The Florida Center for Performing Arts and Education, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) corporation was formed.

July - City Commission grants 5-year Option Agreement for the JohnsProperty The Florida Center must raise $10 Million by July 2012; overall private sector goal is $20 Million.

The Florida Center hired a Campaign Executive Director, opened an office, achieved its goal of 1000 members, and began
preparations for a major fundraising campaign.

The Leon County Commission imposed a fifth cent of the tourist tax and
designated half of the proceeds for The Florida Center beginning in 2012.

The Florida Center completed a three year strategic plan, conducted a
campaign planning study and raised $1.5 million in private funds.

Proceeds from the tourist tax approach $4million.  Community outreach and fundraising remain the priority.

After the downturn in the economy, Theatre Projects Consultants return to scale back the facility design to a one-venue Performing Arts Center with 1,800 seats and space for rehearsal, administration and educational opportunities at a cost of $89 million (in 2014 dollars). To view their report click here.  Staff expenditure is reduced as well.

The Florida Center Board voted to allocate $1.2 million of its tourist tax funds to the major renovation at Captial Cascades Park, for the new outdoor amphitheater that will seat 2,000 people.  The amphitheater is consistent with The Florida Center's mission of expanding performance space.

The Florida Center Board approved a strategic plan for 2012-2014.

The Florida Center makes a formal request to the Leon County Sales Tax Committee, for inclusion on the list of projects to be funded in part through the proposed sales tax extension.